"the best info" weekly report

In addition to information listed below, only in the "THE BEST INFO" you can find information about injuries and suspensions from ... Read more

United States NHL - Injuries & Suspensions

New York Rangers v Washington Capitals New York Rangers: Kevin Klein (53/3 d, illness, doubtful) Washington Capitals: Andre ... Read more

Brazil Paulista - Injuries & Suspensions

Linense/SP v Palmeiras/SP Linense/SP: Thiago Santos (2/1 f, doubtful) Palmeiras/SP: Edu Dracena (3/0 d), Guerra (2/0 m), Fab... Read more

Italy Serie A - Injuries & Suspensions

Bologna FC v Inter Milano Bologna FC: Maietta (19/0 d, suspended), Gastaldello (15/0 d), Destro (19/5 f, top scorer), Okwonkwo ... Read more

England FA Cup - Injuries & Suspensions

Fulham FC v Tottenham Fulham FC: Ryan Fredericks (15/0 m, suspended) Tottenham: Jan Vertonghen (20/0 d, probably in), Harry ... Read more

Spain ACB League Copa del Rey - Injuries...

Real Madrid v Valencia Real Madrid: Trey Thompkins (3/5.0 g) Valencia: no absences Read more

Spain Primera Division - Injuries & Susp...

Real Sociedad v Villarreal CF Real Sociedad: Carlos Martínez (10/0 d), Bergara (4/0 m), Willian Jose (20/9 f, top scorer), Agi... Read more

Turkey 1. Lig - Injuries & Suspensions

Elazigspor v Eskisehirspor Elazigspor: Gilles Binya (9/0 d, doubtful), Onur Güney (20/0 d, suspended), Murat Kayali (14/1 m) ... Read more

 Injuries and Suspensions