Jack Gaudencio, United Kingdom

I highly recommend Injuries & suspensions, I have used them for several years as one of my primary sources for football betting info. They are amongst the most reliable sources regarding the accuracy of the information provided (one of the few places I don’t have to double-check everything). They also offer info on leagues from all around the world and throughout the year – you will struggle to find another site that can match the sheer amount of info being posted daily. In my opinion, this website will improve your betting results, for me, it is a must-have at this generous price!


Alan Stubbs, Ireland

I joined injuriesandsuspensions.com 2 years ago and I find the info excellent for football betting.  My percentage of winning bets has increased steadily since joining.  “The best info” section is very good and well worth the subscription.  A must in my opinion for anyone that enjoys winning on sports betting.


Angelo Albano, Italy

I’m Angelo, an Italian professional bettor, looking for “value shares”. This site allows me to facilitate the task and above all, the information disclosed is TRUE and you DO NOT need to double-check it. For me, the key point is the precision of the information this site provides. Thank you!


Lucas Mondelo, Brazil/Italy

I’m a citizen of Italy and Brazil, based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I have started using the site to provide information for my work as a Content Writer and the site is very impressive: researching for news across several dozens of different leagues can be incredibly time consuming and finding that information easily at InjuriesandSuspensions.com saves an enormous amount of time which allows me to increase my income based on the service provided by the site.


Rene de Jong, Netherlands

This is one of the best sites u can use to make a sports bet. Why would you bet blind if you can have detailed information about injuries & suspensions? Their team is accurate, quick and polite. I am almost from the beginning with these guys, for many years now, and I am really happy with them. 

I recommend them to everybody.


Harald Wangen, Norway

I have been using Injuries and suspensions services since 2015. I use Injuries and suspensions to find good value bets based on injuries with great betting success. That’s why I highly recommend it.


Vincenzo Di Rienzo, Italy

I have been using this site for several months, but that’s quite enough time to conclude it is very useful, especially “The Best Info” section.
I absolutely recommend it.



All the details about the subscription you can

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Daniel Plachý, Czech Republic

Reliable and important information for your betting. If you take sports betting seriously, injuriesandsuspensions.com is a must-have for you. I´m using the site for a few months and I´m well satisfied with the service. Good service for a fair price.


Good luck in a battle against bookies!


Nikolay Ivanov, Bulgaria

Injuriesandsuspensions.com is one of my main sources to check before deciding my bets for the day. It saves me a lot of time of research for the team news which is important when there are so many games on the list. The posted info is always correct and easy to weigh up which is not the case with some other sites.

It is a service I can recommend to any serious bettor. 


Luka Hafner, Slovenia

I’m very happy with their service on Injuriesandsuspensions com, good email support, quick response and website is easy to use.  You can benefit if you stick to “The Best Info” section for which you must have a subscription and it’s not expensive at all. Activation of their service is the same day after payment. There you can find most of the football injuries and suspensions and they have other sports like hockey and basketball. The website is now faster than before, as I am a loyal user for years. I do recommend this offer and service. There are also other menus and sections that I didn’t even look about, but I only use injuries and suspensions “The Best Info” and that satisfies me very well.


If you are in the betting world like me, then this place is a gold mine.


Svajunas Staciokas, Lithuania

I’m in the betting industry for 5 years and I made a lot of mistakes through this period and I learned from them. So decided to buy a membership in InjuriesAndSuspensions and I can say that is absolutely worthy, because their information about teams is probably 100% accurate and I start getting bigger profit every month and I started enjoying betting. Thanks to all Injuries and suspensions team for great work. 


Marko Đurović, Serbia

I discovered this site 3 years ago and since then my betting has improved significantly. I have to praise the site owners for their hard work and skill in finding very useful football information. With discipline and bankroll control + knowledge of which team have more important missings = you can make a serious profit. All recommendations for the site injuries and suspensions. Bravo!


Kálmán Farkas, Hungary

My name is Kalman Farkas, from Hungary. I’m using your service for more than a year and I would recommend it to everyone who bet often. Your information is quite accurate and I found it pretty useful in my bets.
Thanks for all the work and it is a great support for me!


Matej Kristančič, Slovenia

I recommend this website to all, especially „Best Info”. With this information, I made a good profit because this fact (absences) is very important in the betting business and to get all this info you have to spend a lot of time. Because of that, you have this website, for a really good price. It’s true, even with this you won’t win all bets, but your work will be easier for sure and with them, you will spend less time.
If you don’t understand something, you just write to them and they will answer quickly. Because of that I really like this team.


For all who are in the betting business – I recommend this.


Stilian Aleksandrov, Bulgaria

I like your info for injured and suspended players. With your info and statistics, I make the best daily predictions and I win.
Thank you.


Piotr Kowalski, Poland

I recommend “injuriesandsuspensions” to everyone to quickly find information about football teams and other sports. It is a reliable source of information in one place and it is very convenient. Thanks to this knowledge, we can increase our chances, especially by using “The Best Info” section.


Viacheslav Kukin, Russia

This source is #1 for me in soccer betting. All you need is to find a team with a lot of missings players, bet against it and win. It really works!

Keep up the good work Injuries team!


Desislav Dimitrov, Bulgaria

Initially, I found the map of the website a bit confusing regarding the split of the information between the paid and the free section (nothing wrong with the accuracy though) then this was fixed. I’ve been using this service for almost half a year and my betting records have been showing improvement since then. On top of that, the fee is more than affordable. Keep going the same way.


Aleksey Petrov, Russia


I’m from Russia. Your site saves a lot of time when searching for interesting bets.

With respect, Aleksey


Alexandru Croitoriu, Romania

I really enjoy using injuriesandsuspensions.com as it’s very useful in terms of finding out which players are missing way before the match starts and therefore you can select your matches in time if you like betting from all soccer leagues. The info provided is trustful.

I also use their very user-friendly mobile app.



All the details about the subscription you can

find out by clicking >>HERE<<.





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