Michael Jacobs, United Kingdom


 I have been using your service from the start in 2013 and have always found it to be consistent, informative and very helpful as well as accurate. I also appreciate the fact that you can find information on other sports.

I also find your website to be fast and easy to use and I would highly recommend your service. Also, when there is something missing, I email you and it is instantly updated. The service is going so well that I am sure you will soon be able to get all the data out in 24, even 36, hours in advance!


Keep up the good work!



Luka Hafner, Slovenia


   I’m very happy with their service on Injuriesandsuspensions com, good email support, quick response and website is easy to use.  You can really benefit if you stick to “The Best Info” section for which you must have a subscription and it’s not expensive at all. Activation of their service is the same day after payment. There you can find most of Footbal injuries and supsensions and they have other sports like hockey and basketball. The website is now more faster than before, as I am loyal user for years. I do recommend this offer and service. There is also other menus and sections that i didn’t even looked about, but I only use injuries and suspensions “The Best Info” and that satisfy me very well.


If you are in betting world like me, then this place is a gold mine.



Matej Kristančič, Slovenia


   I recommend this website to all, especially „Best Info”. With this information I made good profit because this fact (abscences) is very important in betting bussines and to get all this info you have to spend a lot of time. Because of that you have this website, for really good price. It’s true, even with this you won’t win all bets, but your work will be easier for sure and with them you will spend less time.
If you don’t understand something, you just write to them and they will answer quickly. Because of that I really like this team.


For all who are in betting bussines – I recommend this.



Stilian Aleksandrov, Bulgaria


  I like your info for injured and suspended players. With your info and statistics I make best daily predictions and I win. Thank you.






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