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40-day subscription (43 days with a card payment) – 30 €

105-day subscription (114 days with a card payment) – 75 €

200-day subscription (218 days with a card payment) – 140 €

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Most of our information still can be accessed for free, but the best and most useful part of our content is available only by subscription.


What is “THE BEST INFO”?

“THE BEST INFO” is a paid section of the site, where you can find the most useful team news from each league by our choice. Only in “THE BEST INFO” section you can find information for matches with a significant difference in the number of absent players of two teams in a single game.

Also, only our subscribers can access all information about injuries and suspensions from all leagues and competitions we cover (over 100, click HERE to see the list). That means team news for some matches from each league is only available by subscription.

What options do we offer?

7-day subscription – 10 €

30-day subscription – 30 €

90-day subscription – 75 €

180-day subscription – 140 €

365-day subscription – 270 €



To promote the new method of payment, we approve additional subscription days for all subscribers who make payments with their cards:

7-day subscription – 1 additional day

30-day subscription – 3 additional days

90-day subscription – 9 additional days

180-day subscription – 18 additional days

365-day subscription – 36 additional days


 The promotion is active until further notice.


Card payments important notice:

The subscription does not renew automatically.
When your subscription expires, if you want to renew it, you must make a new payment.


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Register and verify your e-mail address

Firstly, you must register. Everything you need is your e-mail address. When you type your e-mail address, you must choose your password, then confirm it. Once you are done, you will get a confirmation in your mailbox and you must verify your e-mail address by clicking the link we have sent to you. Now you are ready for the payment. We strongly recommend that you change your password from time to time.


Log in with your e-mail address and password. Only verified users can see the subscription plan on "The Best Info" subscription page. Choose your subscription plan by clicking on one of the five options offered (7, 30, 90, 180 or 365 days). Then choose your payment option also by clicking on one of the three options offered (Card payment, Skrill or PayPal). Then you must agree with our Privacy Policy and Subscription Terms by checking the box. Now you can click on the "Continue" field and you can proceed with your payment.

- If you have chosen to pay by card, you will automatically get the appropriate number of days to your account with us, once you make payment. Now you can access "The Best Info" content. Please, check with your bank to see if your card supports online payments.

- If you have chosen to pay by Skrill or PayPal, once we receive confirmation from the chosen payment service, we will add the appropriate number of days to your account with us at the latest in the next few hours (maximum 12 hours), and you will get a notification from us by e-mail. Now you can access "The Best Info" content. If you have any problem regarding opening an account, verifying an e-mail address or making a payment, just mail us at