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Uruguayan Selection: Crisis and Coach Fired

Uruguay Football Selection: A New Coach After 15 Years of Tabarez

After 15 years, Uruguay has fired their manager Oscar Tabarez. The fight to reach the upcoming FIFA World Cup is being harder than usual, as the team is now behind lesser prestigious selections such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. The 7th position as of November is a problem as we’ll have an unusual cup in the upcoming winter in Qatar.

The coach of Internacional of Porto Alegre, from Brazil, is among the favorites to be the next manager, although it’s going to be a tough challenge.

Uruguay Failing to Build a Team Around Suarez and Cavani

The Uruguayan football team has got talent. World-class protagonists such as Suárez, Cavani, Godín, and others like Muslera and de Arrascaeta could be the base of a strong team.

A great GK, a fantastic CB, one great Attacking midfielder, and two world-class strikers.

However, that never actually happened. Germany lifted the World Cup trophy of 2018 without a top form striker at the peak of his career. Klose was a surprise and at the end of the day, Götze, an attacking midfielder ended up scoring the historic goal against Argentina.

Uruguay, Suarez, Cavani and Ronaldo: The challenges of building a squad

The challenge that Uruguay has faced over the last years is similar to what Manchester United is living these days.

In the fascinating world of football, good players are merely elements that could build a great machine.

But good parts won’t guarantee a great machine. Even squads full of talent and money such as PSG and Manchester City have failed to win a UEFA Champions League for example.

Suarez and Cavani: Old by 2021?

Football players are extending their careers until the mid-’30s and nowadays it’s rare to see a player retire younger than 35. In the 90’s it wasn’t uncommon to see players stopping at 30.

However, after his arrival at Man United Cavani remained at the top level, and Suárez made history after leaving Barça winning another La Liga, now with Atlético Madrid.

Although Ronald Koeman reportedly let Suárez go as he agreed with the plan to make the team younger, Suárez proved to be in top form and his departure proved to be an immense mistake, certainly the most stupid thing a football club did during the last season of La Liga.

So the problems of Uruguay can’t be considered a decay of the jewels of the crown, and Diego Aguirre or whoever becomes the next manager can still have a go and try to form a team around them quickly.

However, now time is an issue and this attempt will have to be fast, otherwise Cavani and Suárez may miss the upcoming world cup. As they will be 35 by the time the next WC ends, it could be their last chance to shine in the realm of selections.


The beauty of football is that you can’t simply buy a great team. The team spirit and collective effort are a must, which takes great managers, good attitude and collaboration of the players themselves, and sometimes luck.


Guest post by: OnlineCasinoGuides.co.uk


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November 20, 2021 at 10:04 am