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Coppa Italia Lega Pro – injuries & suspensions

Pontedera v L’Aquila Calcio

(L’Aquila coach decided to rest all first team players, unfortunately we couldn’t find any info for Pontedera)

L’Aquila Calcio: Ceccarelli (8/0 f), Perna (9/0 f), Pacilli (8/1 m), Perpetuini (4/0 m), Mancini (7/0 m), Del Pinto (8/0 m), Corapi (9/1 m), Scrugli (7/1 d), Pomante (6/0 d), Maccarone (5/1 d), Pedrelli (9/0 d), Zandrini (9/0 first goalkeeper)


Teramo Calcio v Ascoli Calcio

Teramo Calcio: Donnarumma (6/3 f, 2nd top scorer), Bucchi (5/1 f), Petrella (8/0 m), Fiore (7/0 m), Cenciarelli (9/0 m), Speranza (8/0 d), Diakite (9/0 d), Tonti (4/0 g)

Ascoli Calcio: Rossi (5/0 d)


SPAL 1907 v Unione Venezia

(Both coaches will make lots of changes)

SPAL 1907: SPAL coach announced he will make 7 or 8 changes for this game.

Unione Venezia: Magnaghi (9/4 f, top scorer), Raimondi (8/2 f), Greco (5/1 f), Bellazzini (9/1 f), Espinal (6/0 m), Esposito (9/0 m), Ghosheh (7/0 d), Marino (9/0 d), Sales (9/0 d), Giuliatto (1/0 d), Zima (9/0 first goalkeeper)


Monza Brianza v AlbinoLeffe

Monza Brianza: Gasbarroni (0/0 f), D’Alessandro (4/0 m)

AlbinoLeffe: Gazo (9/0 m), Maietti (9/0 m), Salvi (8/0 m), Corradi (4/0 m), Momentè (7/2 f)

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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season

b - goals scored

c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

October 22, 2014 at 12:23 am

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