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VOdds Sportsbook Promos: How to Bet on FIFA World Cup

The big football event is now on its way to the main action, which is great news for all fans. The 22nd FIFA World Cup will transpire from November 20 until December 18, 2022. It is an international men’s football championship competed by the senior national teams of FIFA in different countries.

This will be the first World Cup ever hosted in the Middle East and the second World Cup held exclusively in Asia. Despite the challenges, Qatar was chosen to host this event, which will take place in eight venues spread over its five cities.

Four games will be played during the 12-day group presentation, bringing worldwide football fans with exciting matches. For the first time ever, VOdds will give up to $10,000 in the prize pool, including a free ticket to watch the FIFA World Cup in Qatar for the grand draw!

Being a trusted aggregator site worldwide, many punters choose to bet on VOdds for major leagues. However, you can participate more in the different sports because VOdds has various partner bookmakers, allowing you to access them in a single wallet platform. Grab this opportunity now to bet on this big sports event and maximize promotions for higher profits!


Why choose VOdds to bet on the FIFA World Cup?

– You can place higher bets and receive better odds and returns than most European bookmakers.

– You can easily access various bookmakers to compare odds.

– You can request a free demo account to practice betting before signing up.

– You can grab many bonuses and prizes with year-round promotions and offers.

How to bet on the FIFA World Cup using VOdds’ best features?

VOdds offers the most advanced features to bet on major sports leagues, such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. You can use normal, future, and positional orders. These executions provide various automated functions that allow you to double and leverage your revenue.

You can also bet using its mobile-friendly website to use its unique features anytime and anywhere.

In addition, this platform launched a sports trading API that automates and customizes your high-frequency trading. With low latency price feed placement, concise documentation, simple and easy integration, efficient technical support, and odds checker on football betting. These features can help you much in betting on your favourite sports leagues.

Aside from basic bet executions, you can also adopt these betting strategies to use the features of VOdds and increase the possibilities of winning your bets on the World Cup.

Parlay Betting

Parlays may combine many bets (or legs) into a single stake and possibly increase your earnings. Assume you prefer France and Qatar to win their first-round games in the 2022 World Cup. If you wager $100 on France and Qatar in a two-team parlay (at the regular -110 odds for both games), you’ll gain $260 if both teams win.

The chances of a parlay rise with each leg added to the bet. A $100 wager on a winning three-team parlay pays $600, while a $100 bet on a winning four-team combination pays $1,100.

World Cup Live In-Play Betting

Technology allows bookmakers to adjust real-time odds.  These odds may change during a 90-minute game. All you need to do is to get updated on the odds fluctuations for the spread, moneyline, total, and more.

Betting odds will be adjusted based on the game’s outcome and the size of in-game bets on each side. After these observations, you may now place your bets.

Research on the team’s performance

When it comes to sports betting, knowledge is power. You need to research the leading team for the World Cup. Evaluate their recent performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses compared to the other teams, particularly those in the same group. Afterwards, if you have sufficient data already, then that’s the time to choose the right team to bet on your end.

How to use VOdds promotions?

VOdds gives a welcome bonus of up to €/£/$ 100 or ¥ 500 on your first deposit. You can also receive limited-time promos if you bet during major sports events.

Furthermore, they launched a Bounty Program in which individuals may earn between £/€/$ 300 per month for performing particular actions such as liking, sharing, and following VOdds on social media pages. Participants may comment on VOdds social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, VK, and YouTube to receive amazing rewards.

As long as you use this sports trading platform, you can benefit from many different promotions, contests, and a lot more. The dedication of this site in providing everything to their clients takes them to the next level of their sports betting.

Overall, this platform suits all amateur and professional bettors alike. They have 24/7 customer care to cater to any client’s needs. Watch out for VOdds, as they will also provide many other games soon! Bet effectively with multiple bookies using a single-wallet platform and grab all available bonuses and seasonal promotions to your advantage!


Sponsored post by VOdds (www.vodds.com)


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