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Novice punters usually open one betting account at the bookmaker of their choice and place a few bets, to begin with. As they gather the necessary experience, they learn that in order to make their activity as profitable as possible, they need to be able to place a number of bets at the same time. And then they learn that they need to do the same at a number of bookmakers, which means opening up a number of accounts and trying to handle them all. Here is where the best online betting software comes to provide a far easier option.

It all starts with providing the ability to place as many wagers as the user wants, to as many bookmakers as the number of the cooperating ones allows, simultaneously. The process requires a collector part (the one that collects the offers from the betting establishments), and a presentation part (which sorts them out and presents them in a coherent manner that makes sense). However, there is also one more component that is absolutely essential for the system to work effectively.


A support system that works


The additional services that a punter receives when selecting a platform like bettingsoftware.com, are just as important as the main ones. Bettors need to know that they will not get cheated out of their money and that someone has their back at all times. To that effect, they need to be assured that:


– Every betting establishment has been checked thoroughly for the way that they do business. The set of criteria implemented is the stricter possible and everyone on the list has met it.

– There is someone from customer support to talk to at all times. Day or night. Every single day of the week. Not only that, they need to know that all of their questions will be answered and all of their issues resolved.

– All financial transactions are handled as quickly as possible, including the inherent delay for withdrawals caused by the equivalent delays in resettling bets. Also, there are enough payment options to accommodate all needs.

– Everything is handled through a single account for the convenience of being able to track everything and keep records of betting activities.

– Every user has access to the highest odds and limits available at any time.

– All of the personal information is kept safe and strictly confidential through the implementation of the latest in security.

– The site is directly compatible with cellphones and tablets without the need for a special downloadable app for installation.


The total package

To begin with, there are 10 sports, 15 betting houses, 22 markets by default and 85 different leagues and competitions, available to those who get a sports betting software account. Adding in the aforementioned supporting services, there is a total package available, that can satisfy the needs of every punter, novice or professional.



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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season

b - goals scored

c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

January 5, 2023 at 4:27 pm