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10 Awesome Football Blogs to Start Following in 2022

The football blog theme has never been lost or forgotten. People all over the world love watching football live or on TV. Some of them are fond of sports, some of them root for their national teams, others just attend such events just for fun. To be aware of the latest news in the world of football and find out about the biggest achievements of national teams, football fans read online football blogs where besides fresh news, they can find a schedule of the upcoming games, buy tickets, chat with other fans, watch recorder games, etc.

In this article, we have collected the most interesting and readable online football blogs. Basically, this top list shows that there is no need to post every minute to be a popular blog as the most outstanding football-related websites may publish one post a month or even a quarter making the material extremely valuable for readers.


The Peoples Person

The Peoples Person football blog was founded in 2011 starting from a personal blog describing and commenting on the latest events related to football and growing into a powerful football blog with thousands of readers. Here you find all possible information about the foundation of a football team named Red Devils that was born in Belgium. Writing service reviews Best Writers Online says that readers can read about its history, first-team members, the schedule of upcoming games, reporting on the games and effectiveness of each player, latest team news, etc.



This blog is something more than just simple blog articles. Acast is an online football-related podcast where all worldwide football events and news are discussed. It is great to communicate with listeners (readers) and comment on all these events as much as the host wants. The website has only audio recordings but you can also find Acast on social media where they promote their podcasts and also alert followers about the fresh moments in the football universe.


World Soccer Talk

World Soccer Talk is a classic online football blog where readers can find information on four different languages:

– upcoming matches in all worldwide leagues

– TV channels where these matches will be broadcasted

– guides related to different topics including soccer rules

– news and archive posts

In 2011 this online blog was included in the top 100 best sports blogs defined by The Guardian which shows that its popularity is deserved.


Stretty News

Stretty News is a soccer blog dedicated to one of the most popular and controversial football teams of all-time – Manchester United. Here you can find the history of the foundation of the team, its first and current members, the main achievements and failures. Besides blog articles, Stretty News also offers a podcast where each game and tram news is discussed in detail.


Football paradise

Football Paradise provides readers with a broader variety of information. Instead of football news and schedule, you can find interviews with the most outstanding personas in the soccer world, reviews of the sportsbooks from the professional players or writers, deeply-researched articles where famous players and teams are discussed from different points, etc. Football Paradise is mostly related to artwork and polemics related to the football universe.


Just Football

Just Football is a mobile application where people who adore football have the opportunity to train online and improve their knowledge and playing skills by playing with famous gamified football players. The aim of this mobile app is to engage people in a healthy lifestyle and enhance their regular sports training. Users can play on their own and add their friends to a single team via the Internet and achieve their goals together. This knowledge can also be useful for trainers and sports teachers to find out about the hidden tips and intake to teach students better learn the football rules and basics of playing.


The Football Faithful

The Football Faithful blog tells readers all news related to the Premier League. It provides the post with the personal opinion from famous football players, offers interactions with readers by holding quizzes based on the blog content. Additionally, The Football Faithful shows the best quotes of the best football players that may be aspiring for other players as well as for readers.


Real Football Man

Real Football Man writes mostly about matches of Britain soccer teams showing the preview to each match, its statistics, and also reporting and reviewing of these matches. This blog offers readers to make bets and each money in case of winning. Readers can also watch a TV show named Real Football Cast that describes the brightest moments in the previous football season.


Box Box Football

Box Box Football online blog divides the articles by the countries – Europe and other locations, then by the football leagues so that readers can find all available information related to the particular topic or football team. You can find articles from the archive as well as fresh news. In addition, you can find accounts on social media and Youtube that read all news shortly.


Soo Football

Soo Football describes all news for the football universe and also provides readers with interactions. After reading some articles, each user can go through a quiz related to different topics, for example, general football overview, particular league, matches, and so on. Such quizzes help readers to better remember the material and use it in discussions with other football fans.


In conclusion

When you are looking for an online football blog, make sure the authors provide readers with true and relevant information about match schedules and results and fresh news about different football teams. Due to the custom writing service Writing Judge, the blog should be not also about the written posts but about interactions with readers. These interactions may include quizzes, videos, polls, podcasts, live broadcasts, chat for readers, and so on.

Even if it is a simple traditional football blog, the content must be well-researched, unique, and highly qualified. And it is clear that the more readers the blog has, the higher reliability and trust it can gain.



Guest post by: Regina Koinava (Regina Koinava is an expert writer who specializes in creating various training and professional upgrade courses, materials, manuals, and reviews. She also provides consultations and creates expert writing materials. She likes travelling and speaks German and French.)



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