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Why Choose Crypto for Betting on Football?

In recent times, we have seen the norm in the betting industry shift in a different direction. Before the last decade, most betting platforms available only allowed payments and bets to be made in fiat. However, with crypto taking up space and gaining momentum in recent times, more online betting platforms are accommodating the use of crypto for processing payments on their sites.

In essence, crypto betting is a form of betting that allows the use of cryptocurrency as a means of making payments on a website. Most online betting platforms today provide options that allow users to process payments either using fiat or a specific cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and USDT especially. But there are a select few that revolves their entire service around using crypto for processing payments without the option of having fiat alternatives. One such online betting platform is 1xBit.


Here is a sneak peek into some of the advantages of betting with crypto on football on 1xBit:

– Customers have the liberty to protect their identity because the platform thrives on decentralization.

– Payments tend to be processed faster.

– Low transaction fees are charged on every payment processed as it is the norm with using crypto.

– There is an extensive range of crypto payment options to pick from.


All these benefits will be discussed in full detail in the subsequent paragraphs.

Tips for Getting into Crypto Betting on Football

In the points below, we will be dishing out tips that you should follow to ensure your smooth transition into crypto betting.


Do your findings

This is one tip that will never be underrated. Your smooth transition into crypto betting is heavily reliant on how much information you have. Doing your findings becomes very important especially if you are a newbie into crypto or crypto betting generally. You want to read up on some of the cryptocurrencies available, their use cases, volatility, and mostly their sustainability. This will help you know the most stable cryptocurrencies out there, and how they can be used, and will further be useful as you go on this journey.


Purchase the preferred crypto option

After doing your findings, you should have a clear picture of the kind of cryptocurrencies to purchase, and for good reason. Having that information will keep you away from the rookie mistakes that people make when they purchase a cryptocurrency because it is buzzing and with time they discover it is highly unstable and volatile. Once you are now armed with the information, you can now go ahead to purchase your choice of cryptocurrency. There are loads of exchanges available today that give you the opportunity of paying for crypto with fiat. One of the biggest crypto exchanges currently is blockchain.com.


Find a platform where you can start betting

Now you know what crypto to buy and have made the purchase, the next reasonable line of action is finding whether to continue your journey as regards crypto betting. One of the biggest crypto betting platforms today is 1xBit – a top-notch crypto betting platform that has been in the game since 2016. The website is famous for its massive sportsbook and massive bonuses for players.


Register and deposit on the platform

Once you have chosen your preferred crypto betting platform, it is a no-brainer to go on to signing up on the platform and making a deposit. For a platform like 1xBit, registration is very easy as only your email and password are required. Now that you have that sorted, you will be required to make a deposit. You want to go through the crypto payment options available on the platform and select one cryptocurrency you know you have already purchased. Then you will get the wallet address, which you can deposit into from your wallet on the crypto exchange where you made the earlier purchase.


Bet and make money

Now that you have ticked all the right boxes, the next step is to start exploring the football betting options available on the platform and start making money. On 1xBit, your transition tends to be smoother as you are given mouthwatering bonuses that you can implement for your gain. Also, you can find multiple betting guides and tips on 1xBit’s blog – this section is regularly updated with the freshest news of the football world.


1xBit Benefits

In this section, we will be looking more in-depth into some of the benefits of betting on 1xBit.


Welcome Bonus of Up to 7 BTC

This is one of the most attractive offers you will find on any vetting platform out there. 1xBit intends to make the transition of every user very smooth and as such, they intend to go this route where the users have a chance of earning up to 7 BTC in bonuses. These bonuses are earned upon your 1-4th deposits.


Over 40 Cryptocurrencies

As we have hinted above, 1xBit solely provides cryptocurrencies as the means of making payment, with no provision for using fiat. With the understanding that different users have their distinct crypto preferences, 1xBit ensures that there are currently over cryptocurrencies on the site available to harness for making payments. Interestingly, the platform also updates its available cryptocurrencies momentarily to include more options.


Instant Payouts

If you have had any experience betting with traditional betting platforms, you will know payouts tend to be processed slowly. For a lot of websites, payout processing could take as many as five hours. This is one area where 1xBit tries to do it better. Because payments on 1xBit are solely crypto-based, they tend to be faster. On the website, you can easily make a withdrawal for your winnings and before the end of that day, you will find it credited to your wallet. This is some convenience that betting on 1xBit affords you.


Total Anonymity

One of the major mantras of 1xBit is anonymity. Since the platform thrives on decentralization as a crypto betting platform, users don’t have to bother about their privacy being breached. On 1xBit, you can make payments, place bets, win money and withdraw funds without needing to put in your details. The platform mainly makes this possible by only seeing that only your email and password are required when registering an account. Furthermore, the crypto payment options available function without needing to release any personal information.


Broad Range of Football Betting Markets

Having an expansive range of football betting options to harness is one major criterion that most bettors consider before making their choice of which platform to patronize. This is information that’s not lost on 1xBit which further influences their broad availability of betting options. 1xBit understands that most football enthusiasts have varying interests in terms of their preferred betting markets. As such, the platform ensures that the betting options available on football especially are very broad. As of the time of writing this review, you can find as many as 500 betting options on every football game available on 1xBit.



Now that you have an idea of what crypto betting on football entails and the best platform to start your journey, take advantage today so you don’t miss out on these perks. Register now with promo code INSUS1X and get a 125% 1st deposit bonus!


Sponsored post by: 1xBit (1xbit1.com)


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