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Jackpot Casino Games versus Sports Accumulator Bets
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Jackpot Casino Games versus Sports Accumulator Bets

If you’re into sports betting, you probably hear at some point some story of someone that won tens of thousands, maybe millions of pounds or euros with accumulator bets.

Something like an accumulator card featuring unusual bets, like several exact score bets, first half bets, underdog bets, a mad sum of unlikely events together in the same betting slip, plus an accumulator bonus, and bingo: 1 Euro becomes 20k EUR.

It happens. We all heard about the lucky winners. But how does that compare to casino games in terms of luck?

Accumulator Football Bets: Any Skill Involved?

 If you consider that an educated punter carefully chooses a handful of bets and creates an accumulator bet, it is well possible that ‘his odds are keener than the house’s odds.

However, whenever you involve a big number of bets, you’re falling into the category of recreational betting. This kind of betting takes essentially luck to become profits.

Some professionals try to profit from the bonuses of accumulators; however, these bets normally involve just 2 events, not more than that.

If you involve fifteen bets in an accumulator bet, then skill can hardly do something for you because the laws of probability will affect it a lot, and the chance to transform any edge in terms of information (careful research) into profits is highly diluted.

How to Have Fun with Sports Accumulator Bets and Casinos

The best way to ‘see’ accumulator bets featuring lots of events is to try to have some fun and take chances. See it as a fun progressive slot game like those of Casino77. Maybe it’s your lucky day and you’ll become a millionaire out of pure luck!

Sports betting certainly offers the chance to become rich with strong research and disciplined betting, but there’s always the lucky way to earn something in life, which means, you can certainly bring the spirit of a good casino gambling session to certain aspects of your gambling, such as with accumulator bets.

Tips to Profit with Accumulator Bets

Some sportsbooks offer promotions that add value to your accumulator based on the number of events of your accumulator bet. The best way to try to milk some value out of these accumulators is to pick bets that seem good enough to bet as single bets.

Pick up all the best bets you’re about to gamble this weekend. Separate some funds and add them all together in one accumulator! At times you can get 35%+ of the potential prize because of the big number of odds, depending on the promotions available.

Beware, however, that some bookies have specific rules about repeated bets on the same football match, for example. A good way to do this is maybe to open a secondary account with a trusted bookmaker with good promotions.

Remember, however, that the key to safe gambling is knowing what you’re doing: if it’s for fun, when the fun stops, stop! If you’re a pro, then work hard, research a lot using good information from sources like Injuries and Suspensions, and good luck!


Guest post by: Casino77.com



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