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How To Do Single Match Betting For Sports Games

Your friend asks you if you think your favorite sports team is going to win this weekend. That could have you thinking about single match betting when it’s time to hit the sportsbooks. Let’s define this type of betting, its pros and cons, and ways to analyze gaming trends before placing a bet.


What Is Single Match Betting?

Single match betting involves wagerers betting on the winner of a game or a match-up. When a sports entity announces a single match coming up, anyone can bet on the outcome via an online sportsbook like Novibet.

You can either bet one outcome of the game or match up or multiple possible outcomes. The bet can be placed on the anticipated results of a boxing match or a football tournament.

Bettors wagering for the first time are suggested to start with single match betting as it is the easiest to understand and do in the sports betting world. Experienced wagerers may profit from single match betting the more they practice in doing the activity and analyzing the overall trends in the game industry in which they are betting.


The Fine Details of Single Match Betting With Examples

Single match betting is one of the most simple ways to wager on a sports event. However, these bets can be placed in one of three ways: point spread, a moneyline bet, or a total in one game.

Let’s say that you believe Team A will win over Team B by 30-25. If Team A wins by 30-27, they will not cover the point spread for your bet to succeed. The overall point spread has to be 55 total points between adding the final outcomes per team or under for you to win the point spread.

Choose from one outcome or the other for a moneyline bet. You choose whether Team A or Team B wins or if they have a tie. This bet is done without a point spread, which makes it easier for first-time bettors to do without the annoying math involved with a point spread bet.

Say that you want to bet on the winning team for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2024. You can place a single match bet that either one team will win or the other. You may also place a single bet that both teams have a tie instead.

If you are having trouble deciding on how to bet for a single match event, take a look at Novibet’s highlighted single bet for that day for that upcoming event. Going with the most popular bet can also be possibly profitable if that’s what expert bettors are also considering.


The Pros and Cons of Single Match Betting

Single match betting has its set of pros and cons when it comes to simplicity and overall return on investment. Consider these factors when you go to make your next single match bet.


– Low-risk betting activity.

– Simple betting procedure and strategy with moneyline bets.

– Safer bets in contrast to placing parlay bets.

– More profitable than parlay bets, which need multiple outcomes for winning while single match betting only needs one outcome to happen to win.


– Considering the low risk, single match betting can sometimes be a lower return on investment.

– Not as best of odds as proposition or other types of bets.


Factors For Analyzing Game Trends To Make A Single Match Bet Decision

Choosing one team over the other is best done by looking at their performance in past games. Has one team won more over the course of the FIFA tournament than the other? Of course, the number of wins from one team versus another is not the only factor to consider.

Has there been a new member added to the team that hasn’t performed as well win wise? Did they have a show-stopping rookie performance in a previous game recently? If so, you may consider the team with the new rookie as the possible winner.



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b - goals scored

c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

January 16, 2024 at 10:13 am