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Football betting: technology is making sports bettors sharper and more demanding

Betting on football is one of the most popular sports betting markets in more than half of this planet. In countries where football is worshipped, football is by far the top betting market preferred by punters. But this does not mean that football is left behind in countries where it is not among the most popular sports. In fact, some nations seem to have a strong preference for football betting, even if they are not traditionally linked to this sport or even if they don’t have such an advanced football culture.

In Europe, football is the king of sports. That is why every land-based bookmaker, every sports betting site and every betting app – including the best betting app in Italy – invests resources and focuses on building strong capabilities in that market, so as to be able to cater to the requirements of the demanding user.

Football bettors are increasingly becoming more competent, sophisticated and advanced, which justifies the fact that they are more demanding now. But what has contributed to their advancement?

Well, sports betting is getting more advanced due to the internet and the development of digital technologies. Let’s see how.


Plenty of information and data readily available

Sports bettors now have access to information and data that was really unthinkable in the past. The internet has created a new world of information and knowledge and punters are able to obtain any kind of data they want quickly, seamlessly and without sacrificing valuable resources.

Everything is right there on the web, ready to be consumed by those who are searching for information. So, bettors can acquire more knowledge and greater understanding of the different factors that may influence a football game’s outcome, let’s say.

They can get information on nearly everything. From the football calendar and players’ injuries, to statistics and past records  and from previous matchups to the clubs’ locker rooms. They can even get an idea of the psychology or the condition in which the players are by following them on social media and reading their everyday posts and activities.

All information is right there for punters to access – readily available and easily consumed. With that much information, predictions become much more complicated, but much more accurate since they acquire more and more parameters. The more analysis they are able to make, the more sharp their betting becomes and this gives them more chances of beating the house, whether we are talking about top Italian betting apps, mobile platforms or online  bookmakers in Slovakia.


Predictive models delivered by technology

It’s not only that sports bettors have access to information -in fact they have access to real time information, because this is what matters the most- it is also that technology helps them develop predictive models that are approximating sports outcomes more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

With Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, people are able to do magic. AI can help them build models that can make more precise and close to accurate forecasts, giving them an edge in this way and creating a more efficient overall market.

Of course technology is not only in the hands of sports bettors, meaning that it does not’ only benefit punters – bookmakers are using technology to improve their position against bettors as well. AI has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool at their disposal especially for setting odds, betting lines and also for developing special markets and prop bets.

As football betting is getting more widespread amongst the global sports bettors, bookmakers are trying to accommodate both the growth in demand and the more demanding punters. Technology is making sports bettors sharper and is setting the bar really high for betting sites, which are called to deal with the challenges of sharp betting and at the same time cater to the needs of their customers’ growing expectations.



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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season

b - goals scored

c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

November 29, 2023 at 12:23 pm