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Football Accumulator Betting Explained

If you have tried your hand at placing some stakes on football games in the past, you will likely have heard of accumulators or even tried out some for yourself. This method of betting is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to place bets on sports fixtures, and it’s clear to see why.

The format of accumulator betting is based on correctly predicting the outcomes of more than one football fixture. These bets can include the results of two bets or more, with the more game results added to the bet slip, the greater the return that could be won. This is a great way for those placing stakes on football to access increased odds, especially if they are confident about the results of each fixture.

The great selection of fixtures available across online sports betting sites and the brilliant odds they include provide a lot of football accumulator betting potential. If you are new to the concept of football accumulators, you will want to learn as much about this betting format before placing stakes on the play.


What is a Football Accumulator?

As mentioned, football accumulators are a method of betting that is based on predicting the correct item of multiple games. If any of the chosen predictions fail to come true, all of the others in the accumulator are void. This is why the odds in these types of bets are larger, because there are more ways for the bet to fail, with payouts made only if all of the game predictions come true.

The games included in individual accumulators do not even have to be for the same day for the bet to be valid. As long as the fixture is confirmed, you can place a bet on which team you think will win and add it to an accumulator no matter the date, country or league of the game.

Along with the greater returns that are available from football accumulator bets, there are a number of reasons these are becoming so popular. One of the reasons that so many people may prefer football accumulators is that they can be exciting and add an extra level of engagement to watching football matches. Placing an accumulator bet on a number of matches can increase the sense of anticipation and make the matches more interesting to watch


How to place a Football Accumulator

Setting up an accumulator is fairly simple though it may be useful for those that are new to this format to see how an accumulator is formed. First, you will need to create an account with a sports gambling site or log into a site you already have an account with. There is a great range of brilliant sports betting sites online offering great odds, features and bonuses for new members, so this shouldn’t be difficult.

Once you have accessed a sports betting site, you will have to look for the football page showing all of the upcoming fixtures. From here, you can start to pick which teams you think will win, with most sports betting sites automatically adding these predictions to a digital bet slip. In some cases, you may need to select an accumulator option before choosing the team you wish to bet on though this is uncommon.

Once you have added all of the winning teams to a bet slip, you will have to set a stake for this football accumulator. The odds of this bet will be visible on the bet slip here, showing the collective odds for all bets selected to come true. You can then place the stake you wish on this football accumulator and see the potential payout on offer should all of the chosen game results come true.

When you are selecting the different game outcomes for a football accumulator, you can choose any of the three possible outcomes from a football game. You can back either of the teams taking part to win the game and add this to your football accumulator, or you can add a game to end as a draw to the bet. It is possible to mix predictions of teams to win and the game ending in a draw to the football accumulator with the payout made as long as all of the chosen results prove correct.


Other Sports Accumulators

It is possible to make use of the accumulator betting format with other sports; this is not only available for football games. For example, should you want to choose a number of game results for an upcoming cricket or rugby game, this is possible. It may be different using this with games like Tennis, where there must be a winner as the option of the game ending in a draw is removed.  You could also add multiple different sports results to the same accumulator with the payout made, as long as all predictions come true.



Now that you know more about this popular betting format with Football fixtures, you can take a look at the upcoming games and try it out for yourself. This method of sports betting can provide greater payout potential and an exciting format that makes watching football fixtures more interesting.

Another exciting method of sports betting that a lot of people are looking into at the moment is Matched Betting. This way of betting involves placing a stake on all of the potential outcomes for a game, with bets placed so that the worst you can do is win back the initial stake.<

It is important to gamble responsibly when you are building accumulators on football and only gamble with money you can afford to lose. There are a number of great features available across the best sports betting sites that will help you to enjoy betting with football accumulators responsibly.


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