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Cristiano Ronaldo’s temper ablaze and in a downward spiral

The bad temper of the captain of Portugal has once again stirred the wasp’s nest, as his latest outburst has caused a stir after The Navigators latest match. Now the odds at the top sports betting sites have received a blow due to all the drama.

Temper out of control?

During the loss against South Korea (2-1), Ronaldo was clearly displeased when he was replaced in minute 65 of the match and he appeared in front of the cameras saying “He’s in a rush to sub me.”  This is very similar to his last days at Man United, where he had shown his displeasure multiple times, first in a game on the 16th of October between Man U and Newcastle (0-0) when he was replaced in the said game; and in another on the 19th where he was left on the bench as The Red Devils battled Tottenham (2-0) and he left the match in the final seconds of the game.

Worst still, after The Navigators match against the Taegeuk Warriors he got into a heated argument with Cho Gue-Sung; thus making it seem like the pro-players temperament is completely out of control. Manager Fernando Santos only realized that things had gotten so out of hand way later and he is now receiving a lot of critics and requests to let Ronaldo out of their upcoming match against Switzerland. So far Santos has refused to confirm the possibility of doing so, but what he did say was that “I only think about what’s good for Portugal and the national team.” And “…we sorted it out internally. It’s all sorted out.”  

Where to?

Since Cristiano and Man United mutually parted ways, since the player had lost all trust in the team’s leadership, and the Club had lost all confidence in him; now he will have to get into another once Portugal finishes its campaign at the tournament in Qatar, which will most likely also be the last World Cup of his career. So the question is, who will take in the increasingly temperamental and rather old player (currently 37 years old), whose fees are outstanding and seem less and less attractive given his current form and attitude problems?

To make matters worse, the Portuguese player has been counted amongst the worst players of the Qatar tournament; so far he has only scored one goal, a penalty kick in the match between The Navigators and the Black Stars (3-2), which granted, turned him into the first male player to ever score in five World Cups, but it’s still a very poor overall performance than what is to be expected of a world-class player such as himself. In any case, one Club that seems to be eager to get him into their fold is the Saudi Arabian, Al Nassr, which officially made him an offer amounting to two hundred million euros per season for a deal up to the year 2025. CR7 had supposedly previously refused an offer they had made to him as he was far more interested in playing for other European Clubs, however, options currently seem rather limited for him and given that the Knights of Najd’s offer is mouthwatering, especially given that players such as Neymar and Messi earn seventy million and seventy-five million per season respectively.


In any case, Ronaldo and the Portuguese are still campaigning for the top of the Qatar World Cup, and the betting zone is ablaze because of it.


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January 10, 2023 at 12:04 am