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Scotland League Cup – injuries & suspensions

Airdrie United v Stenhousemuir FC

Airdrie United (last term): Paddy Boyle (28/1 d), Keigan Parker (21/4 f)(both probably in), Liam Coogans (23/3 f)

Stenhousemuir FC (last term): Josh Watt (0/0 m)(doubtful), Chris Smith (19/0 first goalkeeper)


Albion Rovers v Livingston FC

Albion Rovers (last term): Scott Chaplain (30/9 m)

Livingston FC (last term): Kevin Walker (5/0 g), Simon Mensing (27/2 m), Nejc Praprotnik (5/0 m)


Brechin City v Dumbarton FC

Brechin City (last term): Darren McCormack (d, newcomer)(doubtful)

Dumbarton FC (last term): Mark McLaughlin (13/1 d)(doubtful), Jamie Ewings (27/0 first goalkeeper)


Clyde FC v Cowdenbeath

Clyde FC (last term): Giuseppe Capuano (23/0 m), Iain Gray (27/0 d)

Cowdenbeath (last term): Dean Brett (32/0 d), Daniel Jurisic (newcomer)(both doubtful)


Dunfermline v Annan Athletic

Dunfermline (last term): Andy Stirling (m, newcomer)

Annan Athletic (last term): Gary Black (0/0 m)(doubtful), Kenny MacKay (28/13 f), Peter Watson (31/1 d)


East Stirlingshire v Ayr United

East Stirlingshire (last term): David Niven (d, newcomer)

Ayr United (last term): Kevin McKinlay (d, newcomer)(doubtful)


Greenock Morton v Berwick Rangers

Greenock Morton (last term): Stefan McCluskey (f, newcomer), Andrew Barrowman (f, newcomer)

Berwick Rangers (last term): Colin Cameron (0/0 m, player/manager)(doubtful), Ross Gray (33/1 m)


Hamilton Acad. v Arbroath FC

Hamilton Acad. (last term): Jon Routledge (11/0 m), Tony Andreu (35/13 m)

Arbroath FC (last term): Craig Johnstone (newcomer)


Montrose FC v Falkirk FC

Montrose FC (last term): Graham Webster (30/4 m), Jonathan Crawford (27/0 d)

Falkirk FC (last term): Liam Rowan (0/0 d), Kieran Dufffie (26/1 d)


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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season

b - goals scored

c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

August 1, 2014 at 8:53 pm