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Olympic Games – Man’s Football Final – Brazil – Spain Match Preview

The final of the Olympic games tournament will feature two traditional teams, Brazil and Spain. The selections brought seasoned names like Richarlison, Dani Alves, Ceballos and Asensio, and we should have an interesting game.

However, the Olympic tournament is a tough one for bettors that don’t rely on live betting. The reason is simple: these teams, that usually rely heavily on experienced names called for the Over 23 quota, hardly ever get to play friendlies in advance to prepare, which means these teams are usually formed during the competition.

Although Brazil and Spain obviously have talented squads, both teams had some ‘hiccups’ as they fought to reach this final: Brazil had 2 draws and Spain won just 1 match during the group stage. The Brazilians also reached the final after a dramatic penalty shootout.


Brazil – Spain – Betting Scenario – Olympic Games Final

This is the typical game that professional bettors tend to avoid betting in advance. As I use to say, professional bettors that bet in the early market or the today market “study to do well on a test”, but bettors that stick to live betting “get the chance to cheat at the test”, meaning the confidence to bet when you see the game unfolding is much bigger.

The today market 1×2 odds have average odds of 2.58 for the Brazilian victory and 3.18 for the Spanish triumph in the regular time.

The market is probably considering the Brazilian performance slightly more interesting, and perhaps the confidence of having a majorly experienced name such as Dani Alves in the squad could also be a factor.

The Brazilian right back has played for many years in Spain and could prove to be a good leader against adversaries that he knows well, especially in terms of trying to influence the decisions of the referee.

The Asian Handicap betting scenario has odds of Brazil -0 @1.74 and Spain +0 @2.15. It’s arguable that a final like this is more in the house of 50/50 in terms of chances, but the most conservative approach would be to follow the game live and bet on the team that performs better, in case some of the sides is more dominant, because the game has the tendency to be fairly balanced like any major final between two countries that love football as Spain and Brazil do.

The Over/Under scenario can be hard to predict because the finals tend to be more like tense games in comparison with group stage fixtures, meaning that the average of goals of the tournament is composed by games of different importance, and the lack of team chemistry in general is also a complicated factor, as the teams tend to evolve and improve as the competition progresses.


Summary: Brazil – Spain – Tokyo Olympic Games

I believe early bets can be done if more like recreational bets: professionals will most likely wait for the first minutes of the match to build their impressions.

High betting limits can be expected at this game as it happens with any major tournament, especially in the final.


Guest post by: Online Casino Euros


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August 7, 2021 at 12:25 pm