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England Football League Trophy – injuries & suspensions

Crewe Alexandra v Rochdale

Crewe Alexandra: Billy Waters (5/1 m)(doubtful), James Jones (0/0 m), Liam Nolan (2/0 d), Marcus Haber (5/2 f), George Ray (5/0 m), Harry Davis (0/0 d), Thierry Audel (0/0 d), Jamie Ness (3/0 m), Ryan Colclough (0/0 f)

Rochdale: George Donnelly (3/0 f)(left the club), Jack Muldoon (0/0 f)(doubtful), Josh Lillis (2/0 g), Olly Lancashire (1/0 d), Matty Lund (2/0 m)


Oldham Athletic v Bradford City

Oldham Athletic: Jonson Clarke-Harris (5/1 f)(left the club), Genseric Kusunga (1/0 d)

Bradford City: Billy Clarke (2/0 f)(doubtful), Andrew Davies (4/0 d)


AFC Wimbledon v Southend Utd

AFC Wimbledon: Andy Frampton (0/0 d), George Francomb (4/1 d)

Southend Utd: Adam Thompson (1/0 d)(doubtful), Cian Bolger (5/0 d), Michael Timlin (0/0 m)


Barnsley v York City

Barnsley: James Bailey (3/0 m)(doubtful), Keith Treacy (5/0 m)

York City: Wes Fletcher (4/1 f), Ryan Jarvis (1/0 f)(both doubtful)


Cheltenham v Oxford United

(Cheltenham coach will make some changes)

Cheltenham: –

Oxford United: Alex Jakubiak (4/1 f), Ryan Clarke (0/0 g), Andy Whing (0/0 d)


Stevenage FC v Gillingham

(Stevenage FC coach could make some changes)

Stevenage FC: Harry Worley (2/0 d)

Gillingham: Doug Loft (2/0 m), Amine Linganzi (0/0 m), Stuart Nelson (1/0 g)


Wycombe v Coventry City

(Coventry City coach will make some changes)

Wycombe: Junior Morias (0/0 f)(left the club), Josh Scowen (0/0 m)(doubtful), Gary Doherty (0/0 d)

Coventry City: –


Preston NE v Shrewsbury

Preston NE: Bailey Wright (4/0 d), Chris Humphrey (5/2 m), Scott Wiseman (2/0 d), Lee Holmes (0/0 m)

Shrewsbury: Liam Lawrence (3/0 m), Ashley Vincent (4/0 f)


Crawley Town v Cambridge Utd

Crawley Town: Connor Essam (0/0 d)(left the club), Bobson Bawling (5/0 m), Josh Simpson (1/0 m), Joe Walsh (5/1 d), Gwion Edwards (5/0 m)

Cambridge Utd: Ryan Bird (f, newcomer), Kwesi Appiah (4/2 f), Harrison Dunk (3/0 m)


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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season

b - goals scored

c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

September 1, 2014 at 11:09 pm