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Spain Segunda División – Injuries & Suspensions

Girona FC v Alcorcón

Girona FC: Juanpe (31/2 d, doubtful), Granell (28/2 m, suspended), Richy (0/0 d), Coris (27/1 d), Alcaraz (24/6 m)

Alcorcón: Ivi (25/1 m, suspended), Páez (10/0 d)


Real Mallorca v UD Almería

Real Mallorca: Oriol (22/0 d), Raillo (29/2 d), Juan Rodríguez (18/1 m), Juan Domínguez (30/1 m), Díaz (15/1 f)

UD Almería: Fernandez (17/2 m, suspended), Vélez (22/1 d), Yoda (3/0 m), Alamo (6/0 d), Zongo (3/0 f), Uche (10/2 f)


UCAM Murcia v SD Huesca

UCAM Murcia: Álvarez (25/0 d), Tito (28/4 m), Salvador (12/1 f)(all suspended), Mabwati (4/0 m), Fernández (5/0 m)

SD Huesca: Nagore (12/1 d), Aguilera (29/1 m), Sastre (11/0 m), Kilian (6/0 f), Lázaro (31/7 f, top scorer, suspended)


Real Oviedo v Real Zaragoza

Real Oviedo: Susaeta (35/1 m, doubtful), Varela (16/1 d), Ortiz (4/0 m), Borja Domínguez (10/2 m), Héctor (0/0 m)

Real Zaragoza: Wilk (2/0 m), Dongou (14/3 f), Samaras (6/0 f)


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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season
b - goals scored
c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

May 20, 2017 at 12:07 am

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 Injuries and Suspensions