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HOT Injuries & Suspensions

SC Heerenveen v Willem II Tilburg

SC Heerenveen: Joost van Aken (26/1 d), Morten Thorsby (22/0 m, suspended)

Willem II Tilburg: Jordy Croux (27/1 f, suspended), Dico Koppers (17/2 d), Freek Heerkens (14/0 d), Guus Joppen (11/0 d), Derrick Tshimanga (22/0 d), Bartholomew Ogbeche (14/1 f)

result 1-0

Toronto FC v Chicago Fire

Toronto FC: Ashtone Morgan (0/0 d), Clint Irwin (3/0 first goalkeeper), Drew Moor (5/0 d), Chris Mavinga (3/0 d), Jason Hernandez (0/0 d)

Chicago Fire: John Goossens (1/0 m)

result 3-1



Fortuna Düsseldorf v St. Pauli

Fortuna Düsseldorf: Iyoha (13/0 f, doubtful), Bormuth (17/2 d), Bellinghausen (23/2 m), Hennings (27/8 f, top scorer, probably out)

St. Pauli: Litka (6/0 m)

result 1-3

Clermont Foot v Troyes AC

Clermont Foot: Cyriaque Rivieyran (27/0 d), Joseph Lopy (29/3 m), Thomas Guerbert (10/1 m), Wesley Jobello (27/3 m)

Troyes AC: Jérémy Cordoval (27/0 d), Charles Traore (20/1 d), Mory Kone (0/0 d), Johan Martial (19/3 d), Rincon (0/0 d), Thiago Xavier (13/0 m), Mour Paye (8/0 f), Raphael Caceres (14/1 f)

result 1-1

Red Star FC93 v Bourg-Péronnas

Red Star FC93: Remi Amieux (4/0 d, suspended), Geoffrey Lembet (16/0 g, suspended), Arnaud Balijon (0/0 g), Ronald Zubar (0/0 d), Jean-Charles Castelletto (30/2 d), Jonathan Mexique (21/0 m), Stephan Raheriharimanana (8/0 m), Sekou Keita (18/3 f), Tiecoro Keita (15/0 m)

Bourg-Péronnas: Ange Digbeu (16/0 d), Vital N’Simba (29/0 d), Patrice Dimitriou (3/0 m), Yanis Merdji (13/5 f), Wilfried Louisy-Daniel (0/0 f)

result 4-1

More matches in our The Best Info section.

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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season
b - goals scored
c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

April 21, 2017 at 1:45 am

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 Injuries and Suspensions