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England League Two – Injuries & Suspensions

Barnet v Plymouth Argyle

Barnet: Tom Champion (8/0 m), Ben Tomlinson (3/0 f), Michael Gash (2/0 f), Shaun Batt (11/1 f), James Pearson (0/0 d)

Plymouth Argyle: Gary Sawyer (5/0 d), Ryan Donaldson (16/2 m), Jimmy Spencer (14/2 f), David Ijaha (3/0 m), Ryan Brunt (0/0 f)


Blackpool v Mansfield

Blackpool: Colin Daniel (17/3 m, doubtful), Mark Yeates (4/0 m)

Mansfield: George Taft (6/0 d), Corbin Shires (0/0 m)


Wycombe v Newport County

Wycombe: Jamal Blackman (20/0 first goalkeeper), Paul Hayes (15/3 f, captain)(both doubtful), Michael Harriman (21/0 d), Dayle Southwell (8/1 f)

Newport County: Ben Tozer (23/1 d, doubtful), Kyle Cameron (6/0 d), Joss Labadie (10/2 m), Reece Grego-Cox (7/0 f), Lenell John-Lewis (0/0 f), Jamie Turley (6/1 d)


Cambridge Utd v Notts County

(Notts County manager John Sheridan is suspended.)

Cambridge Utd: George Maris (8/1 f, doubtful), Medy Elito (10/1 m), Barry Corr (0/0 f), Josh Coulson (7/0 d), Adam McGurk (10/0 f), Elliot Omozusi (0/0 d)

Notts County: Matt Tootle (20/0 d, doubtful), Stanley Aborah (6/0 m)


Carlisle Utd v Grimsby Town

Carlisle Utd: Mike Jones (20/0 m), Danny Grainger (19/4 d, captain)

Grimsby Town: Luke Summerfield (23/1 m, doubtful), Ashley Chambers (16/1 f, probably out), Sean McAllister (2/0 m), Rhys Browne (5/0 m)


Crawley Town v Yeovil Town

Crawley Town: Matt Harrold (6/0 f)

Yeovil Town: Liam Shephard (16/0 d), Ryan Hedges (21/4 f), Matty Dolan (17/2 m), Darren Ward (11/2 d)(all doubtful), Kyle Copp (0/0 m, left the club)


Doncaster Rovers v Stevenage FC

Doncaster Rovers: Frazer Richardson (4/0 d), Gary McSheffrey (0/0 m), Mitchell Lund (5/0 d), Luke McCullough (0/0 d), Aaron Taylor-Sinclair (0/0 d)

Stevenage FC: Tom Conlon (4/0 f)


Morecambe FC v Crewe Alexandra

Morecambe FC: James Jennings (13/0 d, doubtful), Cole Stockton (19/5 f, top scorer), Alexander Kenyon (9/0 m, suspended)

Crewe Alexandra: Ryan Lowe (20/4 f, captain), Ben Nugent (4/0 d)(both doubtful)


Portsmouth v Luton Town

Portsmouth: Gary Roberts (21/7 m, top scorer, probably in), Curtis Main (12/2 f)

Luton Town: Dan Potts (16/0 d, doubtful), Nathan Doyle (0/0 m), Danny Green (0/0 m)


More matches in our The Best Info section.

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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season
b - goals scored
c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

January 1, 2017 at 10:52 pm

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 Injuries and Suspensions