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England League One – Injuries & Suspensions

Bolton Wanderers v Scunthorpe Utd

Bolton Wanderers: Darren Pratley (1/0 m, captain, doubtful), Jamie Proctor (18/0 f), Liam Trotter (14/1 m), Mark Howard (17/0 first goalkeeper), Mark Davies (5/0 m)

Scunthorpe Utd: Jamie Ness (3/0 m, doubtful), Conor Townsend (14/0 d), David Mirfin (17/1 d)


Bristol Rovers v AFC Wimbledon

Bristol Rovers: Hiram Boateng (9/0 m, left the club), Alfie Kilgour (0/0 d), Jake Clarke-Salter (7/1 d)

AFC Wimbledon: Lyle Taylor (22/5 f, suspended), Chris Whelpdale (15/1 m), Will Nightingale (3/0 d)


Fleetwood Town v Oldham Athletic

Fleetwood Town: Kyle Dempsey (15/0 m), Jimmy Ryan (16/0 m), Martyn Woolford (8/1 m), Ashley Eastham (16/0 d), Michael Duckworth (4/0 m)

Oldham Athletic: Lee Erwin (21/2 f, probably in), Marc Klok (10/0 m), Charles Dunne (14/0 d), Ryan McLaughlin (13/0 d)(all doubtful)


Oxford United v Walsall FC

Oxford United: Aaron Martin (4/0 d, doubtful), Sam Long (2/0 d), Christian Ribeiro (0/0 d), Liam Sercombe (15/2 m), Wes Thomas (13/3 f)

Walsall FC: Kevin Toner (16/0 d, illness, doubtful), Maz Kouhyar (5/0 m), Reece Flanagan (0/0 m), Rory Oliver (0/0 m)


Peterborough v Coventry City

Peterborough: Paul Taylor (20/2 f, doubtful), Jack Baldwin (17/0 d), Jermaine Anderson (7/0 m)

Coventry City: Chris Stokes (0/0 d, doubtful), Ryan Haynes (2/0 d), Kwame Thomas (2/0 f)


Sheffield Utd v Northampton

Sheffield Utd: Chris Hussey (7/0 d, probably in), James Wilson (6/1 d, doubtful), Harry Chapman (9/1 f)

Northampton: Sam Hoskins (21/3 f, doubtful), Jonathan Hooper (9/0 f), Brendan Moloney (15/0 d)


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Explanation: player statistics (a/b c)

a - games played this season
b - goals scored
c - team position (d - defender, m - midfielder, f - forward, g - goalkeeper).

December 30, 2016 at 2:27 pm

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 Injuries and Suspensions